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Litigation in State and Federal Court and administrative proceedings arising out of, or related to, commercial litigation which encompasses the financial services industry, real estate industry, health care industry and commercial and residential construction industry. Specific areas of litigation include creditors' rights, business law, labor disputes, premises liability actions, fraud and contractual disputes.

We provide general representation of privately-held corporations, partnerships and small businesses in all phases of transactional law and contracts. We can assist any size business with all of their needs, from concept to fruition; defensive strategies to buy-sell agreements.

In our economy, many hard-working entrepreneurs find themselves with huge business debts. If you have decided that your business is no longer financially feasible, we can help you with a bankruptcy plan and will guide you through the entire process. We will explain all of your options and prepare you for the next steps.

You should never sign a contract without having a qualified attorney review it first. Legalities and technical language can be very confusing. We are experienced in contract review and are happy to assist you.

What will happen to my business when I pass away? Do I want it passed on to a particular successor, or terminated and sold? Do I need a buy-sell agreement? We would love to sit down with you and talk about you and your business and how to protect it after you’re gone.

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