Extensive knowledge of real estate law

“I am a realtor and attorney with clients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I refer Steve for his extensive knowledge of real estate law. Steve’s clients tell me he is extremely responsive with great communication skills. I deal with attorneys all over the metroplex and I prefer to work with Steve whenever I can.”

Melissa Fain, Attorney at Law

Especially good at tax issues

“What I like about Steve is that he is professional, assertive, and extremely articulate when he represents his clients. He works well with business matters, entity formation, employment law issues, and he is especially good at tax issues. Steve has the ability to recognize the complexity in an issue and the experience to handle complicated matters.

Steve gives business owners good advice and he knows how to speak their language. Steve is smart, pragmatic, and down to earth. 

I appreciate that Steve cares about the people he represents. He has had some of his clients for more than 10 years. I think he is more than a good lawyer, he is a good person.”

Marguerite Broussard, Attorney at Law

Really cares about people

“I refer clients to Steve because he has the knowledge and experience to help people with their needs. Steve really cares about people and always has a smile on his face. Working with him has been great.”

Greg Arnove, Attorney at Law

Knowledge of complex financial issues

"I refer clients to Steve when they need help with bankruptcy or real estate matters. He has a deep understanding of the law and, being a CPA, his knowledge of complex financial issues is impressive. Clients tell me they appreciate his advice along with the value and timeliness of his services.”

Ray Jordan, Attorney at Law

Steve explained all of our options

“My husband and I were having trouble paying back loans and we were scared to death that we might have to file for bankruptcy. We received a letter from Steve and from several other lawyers. We were attracted to Steve because he wrote with such sincerity and seemed to understand our fears. I could tell that he really wanted to help us, and so we called him.

Steve sat down with us and explained what would happen and what all of our options were. He made us comfortable and was always available if we had questions. He explained bankruptcy to us in ways that were easy to understand. The terminology can be confusing, but Steve went over things as many times as we needed. He is very good at explaining the law in simple language.

I have one friend who filed bankruptcy with a different lawyer, and she did not have an easy time. Our bankruptcy went very smoothly. Steve’s background as a CPA was helpful in making sure we had all of our papers in order. My friend was still getting calls from creditors and bills in the mail even after her bankruptcy was final because her paperwork was not as well-organized and complete.

I’m so thankful for Steve. His kindness, support, and thoroughness put us at ease and helped us to get a fresh start.”


Medical bills we couldn't pay

“When my husband got sick, the medical expenses were more than we could handle. We were sued by a credit card company because we couldn’t pay our bill. We had never even had a late bill before. Steve sent us a letter in the mail, offering to help and we decided to call him. We liked the friendly atmosphere of his office and decided to stick with him.

When we went in to see Steve, he had us bring all of our bills with us so he could really understand our situation. Steve explained about the different bankruptcy chapters and made sure we understood what the requirements were for each option. There were no surprises. My husband and I chose to go with Chapter 13, which let us restructure our debt into affordable monthly payments.

Steve was very understanding of our situation. He was sympathetic, and he listened to what we were going through, let us know it was going to be okay, that we’d get through it with him. He basically took care of us. He’s the best.”

–C. Lowe

Steve helps restore peace to our home

“We were behind on our credit card payments and were under a lot of pressure and stress because we were getting harassing calls all day. We decided to look in the Yellow Pages for a lawyer to help us. We saw Steve’s name, called him, and he called us back within a day.

Steve sat down with us and explained the bankruptcy process and answered our questions. He also gave us paperwork that helped to explain our options. The explanations were very good and we made the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy so that we could erase all of our debt and start fresh.

The office staff was also very helpful and easy-going. They helped us know how and when to take the required bankruptcy classes. Also, Steve gave us an opportunity to pay with a payment plan. We didn’t have to pay a lot up front, and he let us divide the cost into affordable monthly payments.

Now our phone is quiet, and we owe that to Steve. He helped restore peace to our home.”

–Mrs. Giles

Steve made it so easy

“Bankruptcy can be a scary thing, especially when you have no legal background. Steve made it so easy and we felt so comfortable with him as he walked us through each and every step. We recommend him and the entire team wholeheartedly. Thanks, again, for your great service, Steve.”

–Alex and Kay

It was a pleasure to work with him

“Doug and I would like to thank Phelps Law Firm for the wonderful work that they performed for us through our legal issues. Steven is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional in his work. It was a pleasure to work with him. Because of his experience, it made a very difficult time easier and gave us confidence that everything would be okay. Thank you so much for a job well done!”

–Doug and Dee

A new lease on life

“It was amazing. The collection calls stopped immediately and I finally felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and it wasn’t a train. The bankruptcy hearing went off without a hitch and my debt was discharged. I have a new lease on life and it’s all due to Phelps Law Firm. Their kindness, humanity, and professionalism is unmatched and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.”


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