Consumer Debt Relief

Top 10 Signs

  1. Creditors won’t stop asking for money!

    Sometimes creditors try to collect more money from you than you really owe. An attorney can provide the support and the backing you will need to step up to these creditors. Filing bankruptcy with an attorney can stop fraudulent reporting by a creditor.

  2. Your weekly earnings are less and less!

    Wage garnishment basically takes away your weekly earnings, often leaving you without necessities. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to provide for you and your family. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will also help in this regard.

  3. Student Loan Payments are out of control!

    Bankruptcy can consolidate your student loan debt. This consolidation will allow you to make monthly payments through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that are within your financial ability.

  4. The electricity has been turned off!

    If you’re behind on your bills, then your utility services may also be at risk of being terminated. Filing bankruptcy can prevent the utility company from leaving you in the dark.

  5. The harassing phone calls never stop!

    Some creditors do not always take the right course of action when attempting to collect a debt. Often, creditors will persistently call your home or office with demeaning and abusive behavior. This is unethical and can rise to the level of unlawful. Bankruptcy will put a hold on the demands of many creditors and will stop the harassing phone calls and other inappropriate behavior.

  6. You lost your job!

    Studies show that loss of work is one of the most common reasons people file for bankruptcy. This is very easy to see. A family can get comfortable on two salaries. They can take on regular amounts of debts, join clubs, and pay normal bills with relative ease. All of a sudden, one or both spouses lose a job and a family must go from two salaries to one or none.

  7. Medical bills are out of control!

    Sometimes an unfortunate accident or major illness can completely ruin a family. No more company insurance means paying medical bills you never had to worry about before. Many families have to make choices on which bills to pay. Often, bills that were once important become insignificant due to the large medical bills acquired by a loved one. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can greatly reduce the amount of medical bills.

  8. Your car has been repossessed!

    If the lender has repossessed or threatened to repossess your car, filing bankruptcy can force them to return your car (if the bankruptcy is filed quickly enough).

  9. Your house is in pre-foreclosure!

    If your home is at risk of foreclosure, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure any time prior to the sale. (However, bankruptcy does not eliminate mortgages on your property without payment. Rather, bankruptcy allows for you to have time to catch up on your missed payments.)

  10. You read this whole document and can relate to at least one!

    With full or partial discharge of debts, you can get a fresh start. Whether it is through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, most or all of your debts can be cleared for those who qualify. Imagine how it will feel to take control of your finances. Bankruptcy can give you peace of mind because you have a plan that will work for you. No more creditors calling…no more stressful bills…this can be a reality for you if you qualify. Come in today for a free consultation. We are ready to help you.

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